Fun+ Progress Tracking

Unique GIF Tracking

Create a gif of your body to see your progress from start to finish. Watch the onion skin peel away from your photos to reveal your end product

Shareable on Social Media

Shareable on Social Media

No Constant Data Entry Or Endless Metrics

Tracking calories and completed workouts are a thing of the past when using In30, we keep it simple and fun. Entering data takes away from the fun of working out, and endless boring metrics stop us from wanting to see our progress.

Custom Stickers And Filters

Custom stickers that show off your personality. Whack a fun filter over your latest progress shot, breathe life into your workout journey.

Focus On How You Look Not What You Weigh

Here we are focused heavily on how you look and feel, not what the number on the scales says. Being happy and healthy will ultimately lead to progress on the scale, but first we need to be enjoying ourselves, not chasing a number.

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