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Simplicity is the key to consistency.

Here at In30, we know how hard it can be to squeeze in time at the gym or think up a nutritious dinner after a long day. So, we created an app that simplifies these things for you.

At the core of In30 we focus on helping clients lose 5 - 15kg, keeping workouts to a 30 minute maximum, designing programs for 30 - 55 year olds, providing recipes that are real and real yum, and above all else, keeping it simple. We don’t promote ripped Hollywood models, create extreme workout plans, provide bland recipes, charge a premium price for a subscription, and we don’t overcomplicate the program.

Every choice we’ve made when creating In30 has been made with the client in mind - from our quick workouts to our fun social tracking - it has been designed for you.Jump into the In30 app on either iOS or Android to begin a workout, or find a recipe for tomorrow’s lunch. Whatever your goals may be, In30 will be here to support you on every step of your journey.

Meet Justin, our founder

Justin Jowett is the founder of In30. In his role he oversees the amazing team of developers, fitness professionals and creatives working at In30 to turn his vision into a consumer ready app that is constantly evolving to be an even more accessible tool for health and physical change for ordinary people. 

With 20+ years experience in running successful businesses, Justin cut his teeth running travel agencies for Flight Centre and Harvey World Travel before starting up his own businesses in the photo booth industry in 2010.

Personal fitness has always been important to Justin and it has been part of his life since his early teens. Interest was never in going to gyms or bodybuilding to look a certain way, instead, he placed value in being the healthiest version of himself to enjoy life to the fullest extent without being held back by physical limitations.

Justin is still active in the photo booth industry, organising the premier photo booth conference in Australia, ‘BoothCon’, as well as being a stay at home dad helping raise his two young daughters.

Justin is based out of Brisbane’s northside, with his wife, two kids and the family cat.

Meet Charlie, our Head of Fitness.

Charlie is the Head of Fitness here at In30, he designs all of the workouts you’ll be enjoying on the app. He’s been in the fitness industry for over ten years and currently runs a busy personal training business in Sydney.

Charlie studied Journalism at uni but always knew his true passion lay in health & fitness. He ditched the newsroom for the gym and hasn’t looked back since.

With In30, Charlie wants to help his clients and all its users to realise that you don’t need fancy gym equipment to smash your fitness goals.

Outside of In30 you can find Charlie at Hustle Boxing, where he is one of the founding trainers, teaching boxing classes and shouting at people whilst they jam the bags.

Charlie is living in Bondi (go the Roosters!) and although he’s lived there pretty much his entire life - he’s never been surfing. A new year's resolution for 2022!

Follow Charlie:

Meet Serene, our In30 Fitness Guru.

Serene is a workout instructor at In30 (you’ll see her in the app), she’s been in fitness for the past 6 years as a powerlifter and fitness model. Training 5-6 days a week in a style called ‘powerbuilding’, a mix of powerlifting and bodybuilding.

Serene found fitness during uni when she was down about her health and fitness. She joined a gym to lose some body fat by doing some cardio, unbeknownst to her the first machine that she used was the leg press. Thinking this was cardio she showed her friend the machine only to find out she wasn’t using a cardio machine at all, she was using a weight machine. From there Serene has pushed on with weight training, and even does a little cardio when required.

Serene can squat, deadlift and bench press some impressive numbers for her size, but she’s most proud of the improvement fitness has had on her mental wellbeing. 

Outside of In30, Serene is an actress and entrepreneur. Recently having played the lead in a feature film called "Cadence". She is also the director and founder of "Vie Endure" a fitness line due to release at the end of 2022. On top of all this, Serene works full time as a PA to two Partners at an international financial firm.

Serene lives out in Brisbane.

Meet Nigel, our In30 Fitness Guru.

Nigel is a workout instructor at In30 (you’ll see him in the app), he has almost 20 years in both educational fitness and performing fitness.

Initially Nigel was drawn to fitness through an invitation to a Kung Fu class by a friend, and a few years later was invited to a kickboxing class by another friend. From there he began training regularly in kickboxing and Muay Thai, eventually training at an MMA gym and then working his way up to his first fight.

With In30, Nigel would love people to get on this app and realise that whatever age, fitness level, or ability, you have already made your life one step better by having a go.

Outside of In30 you can see Nigel in a film titled ‘Blackwater’ released on Amazon Prime in 2021, working for the state health service in capacity across mental health, administration, and education.

He’s even an authorised marriage celebrant. Nigel is based in Brisbane and outnumbered by his wife, daughters, and a Spoodle and French Mastiff (who are also girls).

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We're a little obsessive when it comes to support! Get in touch with us via our in-app chat and one of the team will be with you in a few minutes.

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We're a little obsessive when it comes to support! Get in touch with us via our in-app chat and one of the team will be with you in a few minutes.

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We're a little obsessive when it comes to support! Get in touch with us via our in-app chat and one of the team will be with you in a few minutes.

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